We are a U.S.-based legal consulting services company serving those interested in following legal developments in Latin America. With a solid expertise in the field in Latin America, and in comparative law, we help bring two apparently different juridical systems close together. Our services allow U.S. parties understand and apply legal aspects of Latin American law in a way that they can relate to. Likewise, we advise Latin American stakeholders discover and utilize specific aspects of U.S. law. We hope you will visit our site, become familiar with our services, and consider the services we may provide to your legal needs.


Our strength resides in our ability to search and find the law for you. We enjoy a broad expertise in navigating online multi-jurisdictional legal databases involving Latin American civil law jurisdictions. We also have a large network of contacts that gives us the confidence that we will find the law you are looking for.

Dante Figueroa

Dante Figueroa obtained his JD. from the University of Concepción School of Law, Chile, and has LL.M. degrees from the University of Chile and the American University’s Washington College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Chile, New York, Washington, D.C., the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Court of International Trade. Mr. Figueroa is also an Adjunct Professor at the Georgetown Law Center where he teaches Latin American Law, and at the Washington College of Law where he teaches Business Transactions in Latin America. He practiced law for over a decade in Chile in the public and private sectors. In the public sector, he served as general counsel for two cities and for the regional branch of a government agricultural development agency, and as a staff attorney for the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation. In the private sector, he worked as an associate with Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cia., focusing his practice on international business transactions in the areas of infrastructure, mining, machine manufacturing, toll road concessions, communications, aquaculture, agricultural exports, energy, and real estate. He also served as in-house counsel for the Chilean branches of two multinational corporations, and advised clients  on ICSID arbitrations. He was a consultant with Muñoz Investment Banking Group, LLC. in Washington, D.C. and has authored numerous articles on comparative civil and common law issues, some of which have been cited in U.S. court cases*, and had authored or co-authored four books, two of which received book awards from the Inter-American Bar Association**. He is also member of several Latin American editorial boards.***, and served as the elected Secretary General of the Inter-American Bar Association (www.iaba.org) for the 2012-2013 period. Mr. Figueroa is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Italian, and has a basic knowledge of German.

 Dante Figueroa’s Biography



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We will simply give you a copy of the law or regulation you are looking for. We can find the law for you, in whatever area of interest, whether related to energy law, foreign investment, commercial arbitration, electronic commerce, banking law, litigation and judicial matters, environmental law, telecommunications law, family or labor law or any other matter.

We will write a legal research report for you allowing you to understand Latin American law by conducting the comparative legal analyses that are necessary for you to do business in the region, or to identify the matters related to the implementation of trade agreements.

We will assist you in litigation or contract drafting. Whether you are simply trying to “decode” civil law concepts, or to make yourself understood at the bargaining table, we will find the right legal notion that will help you carry out your litigation or negotiation to good term, and in good terms with your Latin American partners or counterparts.

We will translate highly sophisticated legal documents for you to use in court or to submit to government agencies. We have the proven ability to move back and forth between Spanish and English legal language, and jargon.

We are qualified to serve you as expert witness on Latin American law.


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