Business Law

The field of corporate law is ever-evolving in Latin America. Just as Sarbanes-Oxley-inspired legislation swept through the region just a few years ago, presently issues related to corporate social responsibility, the overall protection of minority shareholders’ rights, the expansion of stock markets, private equity regulations, electronic commerce, and other related innovations, are dominating the legislative agenda of the fastest developing countries in the region. Further, many Latin American jurisdictions have kept up the pace of a globalized legal environment by creating or expanding the reach of a myriad of business forms. For example, the Latin American fideicomiso (trust) has been subject to increasing liberalization and deregulation, and other innovative corporate forms such as the individual limited liability companies and the simplified stock corporations  have been created. Discussions are also taking place at the level of the Organization of American States for the harmonization of legislation in this regard. Click  for a review of articles written and presentations given by Dante Figueroa on the subject of Business Law. Below is a list of materials that may help you get started become familiarized with Business Law in Latin America.

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