Environmental Law

The area of environmental law is perhaps one of the most rapidly-changing sectors in Latin America. As the economic development region is still strongly focused on the extraction of natural resources, most countries in the region have passed legislation creating institutional frameworks governing sustainability aspects in the areas of forest and land management, the fishing industry, soil conservation, pollution control, environmental damage, to name just a few. Colombia was the first Latin American country to approve its National Resource and Environmental Protection Code in 1974. Later in 1988 Mexico passed its General Act on Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection, and Peru enacted its Environmental and Natural Resources Code in 1990. During the following two decades the region has seen a huge expansion in the regulation of environmental issues, including the incorporation of market-driven initiatives such as trade in emission permits, clean production strategies, and economic incentives for pollution-reduction and alleviation programs. Click for a review of articles written and presentations given by Dante Figueroa on the subject of Environmental Law. Below is a list of materials that may help you get started become familiarized with Business Law in Latin America.

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