We at LatinLex Online are uniquely qualified to serve your needs concerning Latin American legal issues.

We can serve you in the following areas:

We will simply give you a copy of the law or regulation you are looking for. We can find the law for you, in whatever area of interest, whether related to energy law, foreign investment, commercial arbitration, electronic commerce, banking law, litigation and judicial matters, environmental law, telecommunications law, family or labor law or any other matter.

We will write a legal research report for you allowing you to understand Latin American law by conducting the comparative legal analyses that are necessary for you to do business in the region, or to identify the matters related to the implementation of trade agreements.

We will assist you in litigation or contract drafting. Whether you are simply trying to “decode” civil law concepts, or to make yourself understood at the bargaining table, we will find the right legal notion that will help you carry out your litigation or negotiation to good term, and in good terms with your Latin American partners or counterparts.

We will translate highly sophisticated legal documents for you to use in court or to submit to government agencies. We have the proven ability to move back and forth between Spanish and English legal language, and jargon.

We are qualified to serve you as expert witness on Latin American law.


* Contract Drafting

Expert Witness 

Research Reports

Legal References 

Legal Translation 

Continuing Legal Education



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